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32 Series with

This Timesavers Automation system was packaged to meet the new and evolving demands on our customers. It combines a best-in-class edge and surface finish 32 Series Rotary Brush machine with an automated part tending robot solution and materials conveyance system at the infeed end of the machine. It is one of a portfolio of Timesavers Automation solutions to help our customers save time, reduce labor demand, and increase efficiency.

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22 Series EdgeMaster

The Timesavers 22 Series EdgeMaster is designed for deburring, edge breaking and finishing of laser cut parts in one pass. This 2 head configuration has 4 rotating top brushes producing secondary burr removal with superior and consistent edge break. By combining these 10" discs with an abrasive belt, parts can be deburred and finished based on your application.

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Compact 9

The Compact 9 Series from Timesavers is available in multiple configurations allowing for flexibility based on your application. With the combination of a small footprint, and minimal power requirements, the Compact 9 provides the optimal solution for small part deburring, finishing, and edge breaking.

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